Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Discipleship Series Offline

I just discovered that most of the discipleship series is offline...
Don't worry, this isn't Satan at work, it's technology changing and me not knowing about it!

All of the episodes are safe and sound, give me a few days and they'll all be back online again!

While you wait, why not listen in to our Show Special on "Freedom in Christ"?

Episode 25 - Freedom in Christ

Just for clarity, I actually expected this to happen at some point or another (for various reasons)...  I've started to get them back up.  As they are uploaded, they will appear in the dropdown below

Also, I'm taking this opportunity to get the whole "Podcasting thing" worked out, so I would appreciate it if anyone would click on the below link and let me know what it does with your particular streaming app.

For Standard Streamers

And for iTunes

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