EP22 - But is it Biblical? - THE LOST EPISODE

I've got my own very minor miracle right here!

About 48 minutes or so into this episode, we were contacted by Technical Support and told that our show was NOT recording.  We were all pretty disappointed, because to be honest, we were having fun and thought everything was going great.  Anyway, we ended the show early, rescheduled, and we completely re-recorded the episode.

To be honest, in some ways, this version was better and a little edgier.
I would definitely give this one a listen to at some point too!

The thing that makes this one such a miracle, is the fact that I found this buried in the system that was originally supposed to be recording it!  And nobody knew!  For years!  Amazing!  :)

It's been a few episodes since we've had a truly controversial topic.  This week, we'll be covering topics that are directly related to Marriage, Relationships and other personal issues.  Things like: pre-marital sex, masturbation, rape, incest, abortion, marriage, adultery, child rearing and more!  This show should be very interesting!  Always remember that just because something is difficult to discuss, does not mean that it should not be discussed...  JOIN US!

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