Friday, July 21, 2017

How can I know that we're *REALLY* in the last days?

Question: Pastor Keith, I've heard it my entire life that "We are in the last days, repent now, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!".  To be honest, I'm quite tired of hearing it and I just don't believe it.  Too many years of "Chicken Little" have soured me on the whole idea.  Can you offer me any proof or any persuasion at all, that the "last days" are really here?

Answer: Oh yes I can!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Why I use the methods that I use

There are some Pastors who are so concerned that they'll offend someone, that they water down the truth, withhold information and sometimes just plain LIE about a subject.  I sincerely feel bad for anyone who wastes their time with a person like that.

I'm going to spend a couple of minutes and explain to you WHY I do what I do....

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Replenish the earth?

I haven't done this in a while, so it should be fun!

Every now and then I have people ask me questions that make me go "Ah-ha!".
I love those kinds of questions and I have one today.

Question: Why did God tell Adam and Eve to replenish the Earth?  If God had just created the Earth, isn't it safe to say that it was never "plenished" to begin with?  Obviously this proves that there were people before Adam and Eve, right?

Answer: Man oh man... Is Satan ever alive and well and filling the minds of the lost and unsaved with nonsense!  The good news, is the devil isn't learning any new tricks.  True, he may gain a soul here or there, but we all know he can never win!  :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bible Nuggets 3 - Be of Good Cheer!

Did you ever notice that Jesus only ever said "Be of good cheer" when he was saving someones life?

Up to and including mentioning our redemption in John 16:33?
I literally just noticed it myself.

The only reference to "Be of good cheer" that doesn't fit is Acts 23:11 when Jesus was witnessed speaking to Paul.  Hmm... You know what?  I bet that was Jesus way of telling Paul that He wouldn't let the Jews who banded together kill him?  LOL....

I joke all the time that "the Bible is an inexhaustible supply of revelation and information".
Who knew?!  ;)

Saturday, July 8, 2017




Beginning today, July 8, 2017, I am super fired-up and in the process of putting together all of the pieces to make this engine GO!

Watch this space for updates!  ^_^


JULY 9: Sent out individual emails to about 100 Apologists all over the USA, looking for a local referral!

JULY 10: Sent out an additional 100 individual emails to another 100 Apologists across the USA (and one to Australia), looking for a local referral.

JULY 12: Several replies received, very few know anyone in Florida.

JULY 14: Received a few more replies.  Very encouraging replies!  Still nothing.

JULY 17: Sent about 50 emails out to various members of Christian related Academia.

JULY 27: Still receiving a small number of replies, received a very nice email today encouraging me.

AUGUST 1: Things have gone quiet, but fear not.  I'm on God's time table!  ^_^

AUGUST 9: One month in, still sending out feelers, no new responses yet.

AUGUST 19: Had a wonderful chat tonight with someone ready to hear what I have to teach.

AUGUST 27: Things picking up.  Lots of people reaching out to me for more information.

SEPTEMBER 27: Still no movement on an Apologist, but still moving forward!  :)

OCTOBER 27: Lots of oddballs coming out of the woodwork, but still moving!

NOVEMBER 27: Still scratching my head, but I know it's coming!

DECEMBER 27: Interesting things afoot!  Happy New Year!  ^_^