Sunday, September 30, 2012

Atheists thought for the day...

If I told you that the Earth was Billions of years old, you'd say, "Yeah, I know..."  If I told you that the coffee you're drinking came from the farthest reaches of Mongolia and was brewed with 106F water from the same mountain that the coffee beans were harvested from, you'd say, "That's awesome!"  If I told you that the chicken nuggets you were eating came from a chicken that had been kept in a cage, barely big enough for it to stand in, you'd say, "I know..."

But if I told you that the Bible is in FACT the Word of God, you'd reject that premise outright!

Why is it that you wouldn't give a second thought to the non-fact that the Earth is billions of years old?  Were you there?  I wasn't.  Why is it that you wouldn't even question the origin of the coffee?  It could just be Folgers Crystals!  And as for the chickens, well unless you had seen the chicken for yourself, how do you know if it spent its life in a cage or running around a farm?

The simple fact is, you wouldn't know!  You take things on faith ALL THE TIME, but you won't even consider finding out for yourself whether or not what God has to say is truth or not.  Why is that?  Are you so smart that you know everything?

I once heard someone say, "Let's say that you knew 90% of everything that there is to know in the universe (which is impossible in and of itself).  Isn't it possible that God exists within the 10% you don't know?

Think about it...

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