Monday, June 9, 2014

My Platform for Presidency of the United States

Have you ever stopped to think of what YOU would do IF you were elected President of the United States?  Well I hadn't until today...  I believe that there are many things that the citizens of the United States NEED and Obamacare, IRS Attacks, Forcing religious entities to pay for employee abortions and supporting Socialism are not among them!

So these are some of the things I would do IF I was President....
Would you vote for me?  ;)

All comments are welcome, but please avoid vulgar language.

1. All men (and women) are created equal.  That includes homosexuals, LGBT, etc.

2. Marriage is not a RIGHT, it's a UNION between man, woman and God.  I would however support civil unions, only as a measure of keeping the peace.

3. Climate change is a proven farce and no new spending or regulating should be implemented unless clear, present and obvious danger are presented.

4. Alternative energy sources are a GOOD THING.  I would not only support all current methods of natural or naturally occurring fuel sources, but more importantly, i would encourage MORE research of solutions that are based on "free" or "over-unity" types of devices.  Keeping in mind the laws of thermodynamics of course.  I would put together a group of the finest engineers and scientists and together with the inventors, we can get to the bottom of which technologies work and HOW they work.  This will put an end to the claims from the past 100 or so years, that say "the government is burying or suppressing these devices". Additionally, over the past several years, the powers that be have decided to use FOOD for energy creation needs.  In light of how many HUNGRY people there are both here and in the world, wasting food this way is UNCONSCIONABLE!

5. Immigration reform IS needed in this country.  I would support limited amnesty programs, but it would be necessary to exert whatever resources are needed, in order to prevent such weak border control and enforce LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

6. The military in the United States is a mere shadow of what it was only 20 years ago.  A revitalized and adequately trained military is necessary for the future stability of this country.

7. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights has never been more important than they are right now.  Past regimes have disregarded or outright ignored their existence.  A move back to them is required.

8. Gun control laws have become increasingly more restrictive.  Proper controls should be in place to prevent mentally unstable citizens from possession or usage and criminal penalties need to be much more swift and decisive.  Possession and the RIGHT to bear arms was a KEY amendment to the U.S. Constitution, in order to ENSURE that our Federal Government never does to us, what the English government did to them.  Tyranny will not happen on my watch.

9. I would support the abolishment of the IRS as it exists today, in favor of a FAIR and EASY TO UNDERSTAND flat-tax system.

10. Our government has become a "nanny-state", in that they believe it's their job to tell you what to eat, what to drink, how to raise your children, etc.  This needs to stop.  Individual liberties are what this country was founded on and a return to this is required.  States are afforded the right to create their own laws and this practice should be supported.  The government is not the "police" for states, it is it's SERVANT.  No Federal Judge should ever be in a position to ORDER a State to comply with something OTHER THAN what the people of that state have voted for.

11. Individual privacy has become almost non-existent in this country.  If "John Smith" wants to have their personal details remain private, it should be made MUCH EASIER than it is currently.

12. The government is not responsible for offering or regulating HEALTH CARE.  Every citizen should have the ability to purchase affordable health care, regardless of preexisting conditions, and any previous acts regarding this shall be done away with.

13. In light of growing atheism in the United States, the responsibility of CHARITY has been taken away from the churches and the individual and instead, has been given to the Government.  Charity begins at HOME, not in Congress.

14. Spending in this country has gotten BEYOND out of control.  Expenses need to be reeled back in DRAMATICALLY.  If liberals want to continue being liberal, they should be afforded the ability to, and encouraged to spend THEIR OWN MONEY as LIBERALLY as they would like.  Just about every economist on the planet is warning of the impending collapse of not only the U.S. economy, but of the U.S. Dollar as the monetary standard used in the world.  Every effort should be made to turn back the clock in this regard.  If they're not willing to spend their OWN money, how can they expect the government to spend YOURS in their place?

15. Israel has been and shall continue to be one of the greatest single allies of the United States.  The land currently controlled by Israel BELONGS to Israel and they should populate it, build on it and govern it AS THEY SEE FIT.  After all they've been through over the past 4,000 years, if they want to have a primarily Jewish state, it is THEIR RIGHT to decide.  Neither the US nor the UN should mandate what any sovereign country chooses to do.  We should be a Blessing to Israel, not a thorn.

16. Internet access SHOULD be made significantly more affordable for those that can not afford it.  Not through regulation or laws, but by working with the private sector to make such a thing happen.  Alternatively, Internet access as a municipal public utility is an idea I've often thought about, that would solve this problem.  Think of it as a public bus vs. a private car.  You'll get where you're going, but one will be faster and perhaps more convenient.  Also, Net Neutrality (in its current conceptual form) is NOT the solution.

17. Medical research should continue to be encouraged, but it is NOT the responsibility of government to fund it.  A strong and healthy society not only benefits the individual, but greatly benefits the manufacturers!

18. Special interest groups should be discouraged.  Nobody deserves "special rights" or treatments.

19. Globalization is not in the best interest of the United States or its citizens.  All benefits and incentives given to companies that hire individuals outside of this country should be revoked.

20. China & Japan have loaned this country a ridiculously significant amount of money.  All efforts should be made to pay them back as quickly as possible, in order to improve the credit rating of the United States of America (and of course to keep our debtors happy).

21. Encouraging boys to become REAL MEN and girls to become REAL WOMEN should become a priority in this country.  The individual is not more important than the whole.  Our society relies upon each gender for each of their strengths and together we make this country better AND stronger.

22. Social Justice (as practiced in the United States) is not only illegal, but should be immediately discontinued.  Any past grievances that any particular group has had, have been redressed to the absolute limit.  As there's nobody left alive who is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the past actions or inactions of governments past, there is no one left to be punished or corrected.  We need to move on as ONE PEOPLE AND ONE NATION.

23. Racism has got to be stopped.  Black vs. White vs. Mexican vs. Cuban vs. Puerto Rican, vs. whatever. This is not a sporting event, where you choose your team and want the other to fail.  This is our country, we all live here together.  Yes, there are cultural differences between us, but focusing on what makes us the same should be encouraged and ignorance should be corrected.

24. The United States has been in the past and should be seen once again, as the "World Police".  No other country in the history of creation has ever done as much as, or as often as the U.S. has for other countries in need.  There are people in all parts of the world that may despise the U.S. for our arrogance, but when things get bad, they should know that they can continue to count on us to be there when they need us most.

25. Our founding fathers were all taught about the creation of the universe in primary school.  We credit them with creating the most perfect "governmental system" in the history of the world, yet we are denying our children the same (or similar) education, in favor of something akin to science fiction - and then teach our children that it's a fact.  Our founding fathers never suggested kicking God out of government and never suggested kicking God out of our classrooms.  They did however want to restrict the government from ever ESTABLISHING a national religion, which I might add has never happened.  Our founding fathers also wanted to protect the free exercise of religion as well, but instead we've banned prayer from the classroom and Bibles from being brought to school.

26. A return to the "Rule of Law" should be encouraged and a departure from "Case Law" should be encouraged.  Case law is flawed from the ground up, as there have been and will continue to be individual Judges who do not properly understand the technicalities of case law and rule inappropriately.  I would site most technology based cases as an example.  A return to the "Rule of Law" will eliminate precedents and the erroneous expectations that they create.

27. This country has been at the mercy of POLITICIANS for ages and this practice MUST STOP.  Citizens have become so polarized that they no longer care about the CANDIDATE, but only the party membership.  As most of us have become aware, the differences between the parties have become almost a blur.  As each candidate attempts to lure members of another party, what they truly believe, vs what they "say" has become less reliable than the predictions of a weatherman in Colorado.

28. Industry needs to be revamped dramatically in order to ensure that our reliance on imports decreases.  Doing so will not only create jobs, but will ensure future American innovation once again.

29. No more bailouts!  Just as every citizen should have the ability to fail or to succeed, every business, corporation and bank should have the right as well.  If this is a problem for some banks, they should return their customers money, close their doors and let a more responsible institution manage peoples money.

30. While I am personally AGAINST abortion, the United States of America should not be in the business of supporting the murder of our unborn children.  While I wouldn't mandate that abortion should be illegal, any and all funding for abortions by the U.S. government should be immediately halted. People can make their own decisions, government should not have the role of encouraging or discouraging what they do in this regard.

31. Farmers and Ranchers in the 21st century should not only be encouraged and supported, but applauded!  Never in the history of this country have we had so many people to feed.  Genetically modified foods should not only be banned for use in this country, but their very existence should be outlawed.  There are NO LONG TERM STUDIES to show what negative effects (if any) exist with GM foods.  Again, over the past several years, the powers that be have decided to use FOOD for energy creation needs.  In light of how many HUNGRY people there are both here and in the world, wasting food this way is UNCONSCIONABLE!

32. While the very foundation of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have obvious roots in what's referred to as "Socialism", the need for such programs should be continued, ALBEIT in a significantly different way.  With that said, our Social Security system is in great need of an overhaul.

33. Judicial activism should be punished with stiff penalties.  Too many Judges are making too many questionable and illegal calls to be called IMPARTIAL anymore.

34. The Internet is not and SHOULD NOT BE regulated by the government.  Inasmuch as nobody should regulate what you should be allowed to say on a telephone call (short of threatening or harassment), no government should be allowed to tell you what to do or how to do it online.

35. While the federal government should have no say in this matter, I personally support the continuation of no state or other imposed taxes on internet purchases that cross state lines.  Taxing people to death is not in the best interest of government OR the people it's supposed to be serving.

36. Your personal, private health care related information is NONE OF THE GOVERNMENTS BUSINESS - PERIOD.  All databases maintained by the government should be DELETED and healthcare organizations should continue to be encouraged to freely share information with other institutions as needed.

37. The FBI should be empowered immediately, with the authority to bring Cyber-terrorists to justice.  We have the technology to find and catch these people, it's time that the FBI was given the authority to use it.  A safe experience online ensures the reduction of billions of dollars of annual lost revenue due to viruses & malware attacks.  It's the internet equivalence of spreading AIDS by injecting someone with infected blood.

38. The United States government has TOO MANY EMPLOYEES.  Significant cutbacks are required to reel in redundant and patently unnecessary jobs.

39.  The United States Postal Service has overextended itself in order to become "competitive" with private industry.  This is a mistake and should be stopped.  The U.S. Postal service should discontinue competing and go back to doing what it does best - DELIVER THE MAIL.  Private industry is able to do it better, more reliably and less expensively than the government has ever been able to.  This should also result in a decrease in unnecessary government jobs and lead to a leveling-off (or reduction) of the price of a simple postage stamp.

40. This country thrived significantly more SOCIALLY when God was included in all things.  Since abandoning Him in government, schools and the general mind of the atheistic or agnostic public, there has been a huge breakdown in what is considered good, decent and acceptable behavior.  I will encourage active worship standards, in whatever form is considered (by the masses) generally peaceful and acceptable behavior.

So what do you think?  Am I lost?  Have I lost the plot?  Or maybe you think I'm on to something?  Please let me know in the comments below...

PS: I don't claim to have the answers to "all things", nor do I claim that my wording on certain things are perfect.  When people VOTE for a candidate, they're not voting on the candidates "perfect state", they're voting for that candidate, because that candidate most closely represents someone they believe will do the things that they believe in MOST.  Unless of course you're a racist/bigot, then you vote for the person with the same skin color/nationality/religion as you do, REGARDLESS of what the candidate stands for.  That last one makes me sad.

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