Friday, October 14, 2016

Starting a new church?

Anyone who has been following me, either here on this blog or in the flesh can tell you in no uncertain terms, that I am (justifiably) sick, tired and disgusted by almost every single church/denomination in existence.

Why could I possibly be sick, tired and disgusted?  Let's start with false teachings, fleecing, poor teachings, poor understandings, altar calls & false tongue speaking, just as an example.

For years I've been told over and over again to start my own church, but as with all things, if I don't feel lead to do something by God, I'm not doing it.  For proof of that, I still have not released my book yet.

So with that said, I'm putting together this blog post in an attempt to help you decide whether or not a church that I would set up, would be more in line with what YOU believe to be TRUE and not what some wayward soul, who only wants your money would set up.

Please take a moment and ponder these statements:

1. If your church wants you to believe that gay marriage is not only acceptable, but that God loves homosexual activity and condones and blesses it as equal to BIBLICAL MARRIAGE, then perhaps you are ready for a new church to fellowship at.  Loving your neighbor is a far cry from condoning and supporting SIN.

2. If your church expects you to believe that forcefully taking money away from you (by way of the federal government) in order to help the sick, the poor and the needy is ok, and they don't teach you that charity is a PERSONAL responsibility, then perhaps you are ready for a new church to fellowship at.

3. If your church exalts single mothers and doesn't teach abstinence, personal accountability or at the very least contraception, then perhaps you are ready for a new church to fellowship at (contraception of course is NOT equal to the other options).

4. If your church has convinced you that you should give, give, Give, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE until it hurts, then perhaps you are ready for a new church to fellowship at.  Believe me when I tell you, the nonsense these fools are convincing you of, is not only robbing some of you of your ability to take care of your family, but in many cases is robbing you of your FAITH!  God NEVER meant for you to give as much as you are able, just so your pastor can live an easy life with new houses, new cars, designer jewelry, clothing, etc.  With that said, God DOES however encourage each of us to be CHEERFUL GIVERS.  In other words, give what you can, when you can and BE HAPPY to do it, not feel forced or coerced.

5. If your church leaves you with more questions than answers, then perhaps you are ready for a new church to fellowship at.  A good pastor should be ready, willing and able to take you by the hand, sit you down and open up a bible and DIRECT YOUR OWN EYES upon the PRECISE scripture you need, in order to set your mind and your heart at ease.  As I say in my yet to be released book, But Is It Biblical?, "Blind faith is no faith at all!"  Your faith should be based on truth and facts, not on the ramblings of someone who may or may not be teaching you correctly.

6. If your church isn't ACTIVELY encouraging you to open up YOUR OWN BIBLE and read it for yourself, then perhaps you are ready for a new church to fellowship at.  Your relationship with God is between 2 people, YOU AND GOD.  Your pastor is NOT included in that relationship any more than your wife, mother, grandma, best friend or trusted teacher is.  Reading God's Word (the Bible) is your primary way of HEARING GODS VOICE.  If you have someone else telling you what the bible says, congratulations, you're hearing THEIR VOICE, not Gods.

7. If your church keeps the business hours of a bank, then perhaps you are ready for a new church to fellowship at.  God doesn't close His door to you EVER.  Some member of your pastoral team should be easily and readily available to you at any time of day or night.  The problems and issues we face in this world aren't all scheduled to take place between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday.

8. If all your pastor teaches you is a MAN CENTERED GOSPEL, meaning that they constantly teach you that you have to dream it to achieve it, that if you give more to your church then God will give you good things back, that if you pray really hard then you can have that better house, better job or the most beautiful wife in the known universe, then your pastor is NOT teaching you ANYTHING that the bible says.  Instead, they're teaching you something that has NOTHING to do with God and EVERYTHING to do with YOU.  If that's what you're being taught, then perhaps you are ready for a new church to fellowship at.

So what do you think?
Am I on to something here?
Are you tired of the nonsense?
Are you fed up with your church?
Are you feeling what I'm putting out?
Are you convinced there has to be a better way?


I am ready to give you 100% - Are you ready to ask me to give it?

God Bless  :)

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