Thursday, December 15, 2022

Discussion Topic #1 - Society vs. The Bible

The Question: Because it has become acceptable to society, does that mean it has therefore become biblical or correct?

Examples would be things like: Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, Recreational use of Illicit Drugs, Prostitution, Christmas Trees, Non-Observance of the Sabbath, Psychics, The Wise Men in the Manger Scene (I hate to break it to you, but they weren't there! See Matthew 2).

I would love nothing more than to see how these questions get answered.  Maybe you think some are and some aren't?  Maybe you think they're all nonsense and unbiblical to begin with?  Maybe you think the bible is an outdated piece of junk and anyone reading it is mentally deranged?

Please let me know in the comments!


  1. Being acceptable to society does NOT mean it is biblical or correct. While we know there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9) at varying points in our history things (like Christmas) were changed and over time became acceptable to society contrary to the bible. I have read of only six celebrations to hold in the bible and haven't found where we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I can hear the backlash now, people saying Christmas is all about Jesus! Is it? It's ALL about Jesus? I beg to differ. What part of paganism is Jesus? Exactly. None. By doing a little research, you will find out that December 25th was a day that Constantine chose to help the Christians of the time and the pagans he was affiliated with to get along. That day was a pagan celebration of Mithra, the god of the unconquerable sun. God clearly laid it out in Leviticus 18:3 NOT to follow the practices of the land He was bringing His people to.

    Over time, the Christmas holiday became acceptable--It is our job once we know the truth to pass it on just as Josiah did when the Book of the Law was read to him (2 Kings 22). Here's another truth for you: the Wise Men were not at the manger scene! Read Matthew 2. The key words here that show you the Wise Men were not at the manger scene verse 9: young Child (do we call an infant a young child?) Verse 11: house--there was no manger in a house. And last but not least, when Mary gave her sacrifice after the days of her purification according to law, she offered the sacrifice of a poor person--two pigeons or two turtledoves. If she had the gifts from the Wise Men, she surely would have been able to afford the lamb for the sacrifice.

    There are so many examples of things that are acceptable to society but are definitely not biblical nor correct. To know what is not acceptable requires us to continue to study the Word of God so we are not deceived. Thank you for your work in helping the truth be known!

  2. What an amazing post to wake up to today! The righteous anger I see in your words is well deserved. Society has indeed gone off the deep end in a lot of ways, so much so, that I doubt early Americans would recognize the alphabet soup of genders and other nonsense we've created for ourselves. Truly your grasp of the "Christmas Story" is 100% on point. So many movies, cartoons and other INTERPRETATIONS of scripture have misled and misdirected millions of people over the ages. As I've mentioned countless times before, people just don't READ their bibles. Some want to know what it says, others just want to read the things that make them feel good about themselves or the parts that they think VINDICATE their abomination of a lifestyle. Hopefully your response will be the beginning of a new wave of ACTUAL communication on this website. Thanks for the comments sister!

  3. 100% agree on the xmas posts. There's nothing Christ about it in my opinion. Serious issues that are being pushed in society today are 100% deception and lies. People make excuses to accept these things and use versions like the message to deceive themselves into thinking they are alright. Biblically they are wrong plain black and white, logically they don't even make sense, willingly deceived I believe fits. Ill just throw 2 examples out there that I notice "self proclaimed christians" are accepting. Flat earth and being born homosexual. Both are lies. Bible clearly proves them wrong. Even logically there's no test that can be done to show someone is homosexual scientifically even. DNA shows the building blocks of life with everything having their own uniquely. Homosexuality is not one of those things anyone is born with

    1. First of all, if you're new here, welcome to the site!

      Next, What a post!
      So insightful and right on!

      The saddest part, is that people today are WILLINGLY accepting both the deception AND the lies as FACTS. They're TOO EAGER to accept the nonsensical religion that they call "evolution" and easily dismiss any possibility that this world was CREATED by an INTELLIGENT DESIGNER. I guess they think that their intelligence is the pinnacle of it all. LOL.

      And that's a really good point Taylan, where is the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of homosexuality. They'll tell you it's in the brain, but I've seen the research, and it's not particularly convincing. As the years go by, I am more and more convinced that homosexuality is a learned thing, just like most attitudes and dispositions are.

      On a side note, I recently had someone try to discredit me when I stood up to their teaching that God makes some people HALF and HALF - Half man and Half woman. LOL! AS IF! And the worst part? They of course claimed to be christians (lower case c of course).

      But oh well, we're supposed to be seeing these things happen in order to bolster our faith. Please come soon Jesus!

      Thanks for the comments Taylan!