EP01 - But is it Biblical? - The Bible

Welcome to our first show in what is proving to be an extremely popular Discipleship series.  In the first 3 shows, we're going to be laying down a solid foundation for you, so that you can learn all of the things that you need, in order to have a solid relationship with God and hopefully we'll also be able to help you correct false teachings that you may have heard or learned from someone else!


  1. Really enjoyed this.

    My wife and I always prefer a church service that leaves us feeling convicted. Or teaching us a concept from the Bible that we needed reiterated. At the end of the day, if we're not uncomfortable, we're not growing in the Word. (It's always interesting that each week, another sermon reading and interpreting from the Bible can impact our lives like it was designed that week from God).

    One thing that I still have some trouble with is literal interpretations of the Bible. I think as I continue to read the Bible, 99% of the time we can take it literal. However, there are those times that metaphoric language comes to shine. The easier examples I can think of would be parables, but it's described that the meanings of parables are obscured until you gather the meaning through the Holy Spirit-like a veil lifted. The one that I think makes up the harder 1% would be some of the prophecies. It's just such vivid language and so out of this world, but perhaps it's like understanding parables? Revealed when we're really meant to know/understand.

    I don't know, just my "hot take" finishing up this session. (Glad for the YouTube conversion, by the way!)

  2. James,

    You hit the nail on the head, but allow me to comment on your comment.

    As for having trouble with literal translations, based on your own explanation, I don't think you really have trouble with the literalness in the Bible at all.

    What I think you DO have trouble with, is recognizing that what Pastors generally mean, is exactly what you expressed. You are to take the majority of the Bible quite literally. And of course, you're quite right, there are all sorts of "types of speech" used in Scripture, the least of which are simile, sarcasm & rhetoric. There are times where if you take scripture TOO literally, you miss the point entirely, as in 1 Corinthians 4:8-13. Paul is being INTENTIONALLY ironic here. What would be easily taken as cruel language (if taken literally), happens to be a passage that was designed to whip some sense into the stubborn people in Corinth. The proof of this assertion can be found in the VERY NEXT VERSE! :)

    1 Corinthians 4:14 - I do not write these things to shame you, but as my beloved children I warn you.

    Make no mistake, Paul loves the people in Corinth very much and took the opportunity to find a more, let's say, "constructive" way to communicate with them.

    So worry not James, I think you're on the right path.

    Allow the literal to be LITERALLY UNDERSTOOD.
    Allow the rest to be understood AS INTENDED.

    It's when Pastors READ INTO and CONFLATE things from different places in scripture, which really have no business being read-into or conflated to begin with that causes the problem. The real root of the problem, is far too many Pastors trying to make the Bible about US, when it's ALL ABOUT CHRIST.

    How do I know?
    Jesus said so!

    John 5:39 - You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.

    As always thanks for the great comments!

    PS: Haven't made it to the Post Office yet. Thanks for your patience.