Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Men & Women - Equality Conversation Ends Now

The liberals across the land (all lands, liberalism seems to know no borders), have hijacked Jesus and the Bible and they keep trying to make God say things that He never said, that He never meant & that He never intended for you to believe.  But false teachers continue to pop up everywhere, trying to make sure that they say things that make you happy, so you'll keep giving them your hard earned cash.  It reminds me of an organ grinder and his monkey.  The more tricks the monkey does, the happier you feel, the more you're entertained, the more you'll tip him.

So let's go over some things that we can easily find in the bible first:

Throughout scripture God is referred to as a HE - a FATHER, never a she.
The bible explains that the woman was deceived NOT the man.
The bible explains that women should NOT teach men regarding matters of the Spirit.
Throughout Paul's writings, he calls upon "Fathers" regarding teaching roles.

Now that we've mentioned a few short items regarding this, let's talk about the problem.

Liberals have decided that men and women are 100% interchangeable.
Interchangeable in what way?
They'll tell you in EVERY WAY!
And people are loving these teachings!

They teach that both men and women can be FATHERS.
They teach that the word father can and should be substituted for mother!
As a matter of fact, they teach that women make BETTER fathers than men.

As I say all throughout my yet to be released book But is it Biblical?, "you're free to believe whatever you want, But is it Biblical?".

Feminism has become the cancer that I always anticipated that it would become.

Now let's talk about what God has to say about it.

In the beginning God created man first (Adam), then He created woman (Eve) as a helper.  Is a helper the same as a manager?  Is a helper the same as an owner?  What is a helper?  A helper is one who helps.  What is a helper NOT?  A helper is not the leader.  A helper is not the manager.  A helper is not anything more than that - a helper.

So was that to be the woman's only role for the rest of time?

Aha!  That depends upon the context of the question!

Can a woman own a business?
Can a woman be a manager?
Can a woman be a boss?
Can a woman be a leader?


However, God isn't particularly concerned (in the Bible) about the daily comings and goings of men and women.  What He IS concerned about is whether or not a woman should be leading a man, managing a man and indeed PASTORING a man in MATTERS OF THE SPIRIT!

As a matter of fact, God is SO CONCERNED about this, that He gets downright HARSH and says in no uncertain terms:

1 Corinthians 14:34-35 - Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says. And if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for women to speak in church.

Keep Silent
Not Permitted
Be Submissive

The only way liberals can make their false teachings work, is because they know that 99% of the people in churches DO NOT READ THEIR BIBLES.  People read snippets. devotionals or just listen to other people say things.  They never bother to do ANY homework to see if what they're being told is true.

But wait a minute Pastor Keith, you even say in your own book that God sees both men and women as equals! BUT IN WHAT CONTEXT DO I SAY IT?


God sees no male, no female, no white, no black, no asian, no mexican, no kiwi!
Salvation is available to anyone who accepts the atoning sacrifice of the blood of Jesus.

That is the only TRUE equality anyone should be trying to understand from scripture.

So quit tipping the monkey.
Church isn't supposed to be purely for entertainment value.

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